Our Committee

Andrew Bamford - President

Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Bamford and I am the President of our glorious society. I'm a 3rd or 4th year physicist (depending on when you're reading this) and always happy to support my fellow physics enthusiasts. In terms of Physoc my job is quite simple really, I work to make sure that all the fantastic events we run specifically for you guys continue to run as smoothly as possible. If you ever have any questions or queries about physics or Physoc feel free to ask!


Helena Weare - VP\Treasurer

Hi I'm Helena and the Physoc VP and Treasurer for this year. I am a 3rd/4th year Physicist (depending if you are reading this before or after September 2016) and I am looking forward to working with everyone to make this a great year. As VP/Treasurer my job is to manage the finances of Physoc and assist the President with anything he needs help doing. If you have any questions about Physoc feel free to contact any of us!


Alice Cryer - Secretary

Hi, I'm Alice, I'm a 3rd year MPhys student and I'm this year's Physoc Secretary. As secretary I take notes of everything that happens during meetings to keep everything organised, I apply for funding for the society from SUSU and I'm also in charge of organising Physoc's presence online alongside the Physoc Publicity Officer Jesse. If you have any questions about the society, or aren't sure who to contact, email me and I will point you in the right direction!


Dan Collins - Careers Officer

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm a 3rd Year Mphys student and one of your Careers Officers. My job is to liaise with various companies and science facilities with the aim of bringing you a wide variety careers related events across a number of disciplines. These are typically talks, lectures and trips that illustrate future employment possibilities so that you can get a feel for what you might want to do when you graduate!


Ben Keenlyside - Careers Officer

Hi, I'm Ben and I'll be one of your careers officers this year. We will be organizing a variety of events over the coming year - primarily talks by companies/alumni and visits to different sites, but there are a few others like the yearly Nobel prize lecture we will be advertising later on. If there is anything in particular you would like to see happen, or if you have any feedback you want to give, please feel free to send us an email.


Luke Tunstall - Social Secretary

As the new Socials secretary, I'll be working with my partner Lorna to put together and orchestrate the events and nights out of Physoc. We've got a lot planned for this year, so keep your eyes peeled for nights out (both wet and dry), quizzes to test your grey matter, games nights and much more! Seize the chance to meet the people of your course and come along!


Lorna Nolan - Social Secretary

Hey hey hey, I'm Lorna! Me and Luke are your socials/balls officers. We are basically in charge of your social calendar and we plan to fill them! These events will be alcoholic and non-alcoholic based. Keep an eye out for what's coming up!


Mike Reynolds - Outreach Officer



Pete Shaw - PhD Representative

Hi all, my name is as written above, and I'm the PhD rep for Physoc. This is an important role ensuring that the PhD students in Physoc have their views represented and communicated properly. I'm also in charge of ensuring that PhD students can find out about all the Physoc events and that we are all united effectively in our shared interest.


Amy Knight - Sports Officer

Hey I'm Amy, an MPhys with Astronomy student and Sports Rep on the Committee. I'm in charge of sports teams and events, so if you're interested in getting involved with inter-society sports events. We currently have badminton, basketball and football teams running, so if you'd like to get involved in these or start a new Physoc Sports team, be sure to email me.


Jesse Dykes - Webmaster\Publicity Officer

I'm Jesse, a first year Physics with Photonics Student, and I'm the Publicity Officer. This means I look after the Physoc social media, sort out the posters in both virtual and physical form to go up with information on upcoming Physoc events, and do the shoutouts and everything else to get you to come to everything we put on.


Killian Conneely - Mentoring Officer


Brandon Mulliner - Freshers Rep

Hi I'm Brandon, 1st year Mphys and your PhySoc Freshers Rep! It's my job to ensure every first year is having a great time in Physics, and help with any issues or queries regarding PhySoc. I'm here to represent Freshers, and make sure the year group is aware of everything PhySoc has to offer them. Any questions, send me an email