Our Committee

Pete Shaw - President

Hello all! My name is Pete Shaw and I'm a second year PhD student. My job as the President of this Society is to lead this committee so that we can serve you to the best of our abilities. If all goes well, you probably won't know that I exist, but if you have anything that needs my attention, please don't hesitate to send me an email.


Brandon Mulliner - VP\Treasurer

Hey guys, I'm Brandon, second year MPhys student and your Physoc Vice President / Treasurer! It's my job to assist Pete, and make sure we've got enough money to put on some great events for you guys! Any questions drop me an email at:


Ria Pandit - Secretary

Hello, I'm Ria, I'm a second year MPhys student and your Secretary for Physoc this year! My job is to take minutes at meetings, manage the society's admin and generally be a helping hand for the President and VP. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:


Katie Moser - Careers Officer

Hey guys, I'm Katie, I'm in my second year of the MPhys course and I'm one of your careers officers. My job is to help with the Careers Module run by the university and to organise careers events, which includes both bringing in external speakers to give talks and taking students out for visits. I will be working with Marcus Toy to arrange careers events for all levels, and hopefully some exciting trips out that you can all get involved in. Any ideas or requests, hit us up with a message, or email.


Marcus Toy - Careers Officer

I'm Marcus, and I'm one of your careers officers for this year - This means I'll likely be advertising internships and opportunities through the year, and helping to run the careers module. If you have any suggestions/feedback please feel free to contact myself or Katie Moser using the email below.


Brogan Hood - Social Secretary

H, I'm Brogan and I'm social sec for this year alongside Zack. We're trying to bring you weekly socials with twists, we hope you come along and as always we are welcome to any ideas you all have


Zack Kenney - Social Secretary

Hey Guys, my name is Zack and I'm one of your social secretaries. I share this role with Brogan Hood and together, our job is to organise the social events for the next year comprising of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials. Our initial plan is to hold weekly socials, alternating between drinking and non-drinking socials. We also organise the upcoming summer and winter balls. Hopefully you all enjoy the ideas we have for the next few months but we would also appreciate your input and the ideas you have to make the next year as awesome as possible so don't be shy to get in contact with one of us if you have any questions. Hopefully we see as many of you as possible at the upcoming socials!


Noelia Palomar Davidson - Outreach Officer

Hi! I'm Noe, I'm a 2nd year Physics with Nano student and one of your new Outreach officers. Our main goal as part of Outreach is to set up public events to get people interested in physics, as such we'll be working with Outreach & Public engagement staff members organizing talks, partaking in fairs and other fun events, where everyone can enjoy themselves while learning something new! The annual events we are part of are the Nobel Lectures and the IT, Science and Engineering fair, we also hope to start a series of talks where our lecturers/tutors would showcase the research they're doing. If you have any queries or ideas drop an email at:


Sai Pandian - Outreach Officer

Hi guys, I'm Sai and I'm Outreach Officer this year alongside Noelia. Our main job is to get as many people interested in Physics as possible by setting up events like fairs, and talks like the Nobel Lecture, an opportunity to learn about the greatest new physics ideas! We are always open to new ideas so pop us an email if you have any suggestions!


Lewis Piper - PhD Representative

My name is Lewis Piper and I am the Physoc PhD rep, this means it's my job to encourage the PhD students to attend events, help arrange events for PhD students and if any PhD students have any issues that Physoc might be able to help with to point them in the right direction. One of the regular events I help put on is the Post Grad coffee and donut mornings the first Thursday of every month. I am also on two PhD committees, one for organising events and seminars for PhD students and the other is to put on a summer school for the PhD students. I intend to put on more events, even casual ones such as pub lunches for PhD students and encourage them to come to events that, while often targeted at undergraduates are not solely for them.


Tom Radford - Sports Officer

Hi, I'm Tom, a second year physics student and this year's Physoc Sports Rep. I'm in charge of the Physoc sports teams and events - we currently have football, basketball, badminton and netball teams running. We are always looking for enthusiastic people for our inter-society teams, as well as those who want to start new teams if there's an interest. If you want to get in contact about anything send me an email.


Jesse Dykes - Webmaster

I'm Jesse, a third year Physics with Photonics Student, and I'm the Webmaster. This means I maintain and update the society's web presence, like this website and the Facebook page and groups. I also aim to tempt first years into the more supervillainous disciplines, but that's more of a personal project.


Sophie Butchart - Publicity Officer

Hi, I'm Sophie, a 2nd year Physics with Space Science student. I'm the Physoc publicity officer, so it's my job to make sure everyone knows about events the society is running, mostly via social media.


Lidia Gomes da Silva - Mentoring and Welfare Officer

Hey guys, I am Lidia, a third year MPhys with Mathematics student, I am your Mentoring and Welfare Officer. It's my job to recruit and supervise mentors and make sure mentees are getting the most out of their education. We are rebooting our scheme, warmly, to maximize student success. Whether you are struggling with some of your modules or want a deeper insight into one of your favourite subjects, the mentoring scheme has something for you! We can also advise you on exam and revision techniques. Our mentors are students (UG and PG). I am also Welfare Officer, please visit our inaugural Welfare page if you need advice on more practical issues. If you are interested in being a mentor/mentee please contact me on:


Alessandro Genuardi - Freshers Rep

I'm Alessandro Daniele Genuardi Oquendo and I'm freshers rep so my duty is to bring to our socials our amazing members in first year and make sure they have the most fun in each of our events!