Our Committee

Luke Tunstall - President

Stepping up from last year's Social Sec position I hope to reaffirm Physoc's role in the coming academic year - My team and I shall be working closely with the students involved to ensure the best possible outcome for you, the people. If you have any queries at all, or even any left-of-field ideas please do get in contact with us, and we shall try our hardest to ensure something satisfactory comes about.


Brandon Mulliner - VP\Treasurer

Hey guys, I'm Brandon, first year MPhys student and your Physoc Vice President / Treasurer! It's my job to assist Luke, and make sure we've got enough money to put on some great events for you guys! Any questions drop me an email at:


Ben Keenlyside - Secretary

Hi, I'm Ben, I'm a 4th year student, and I'm Physoc's Secretary. I keep the minutes for our committee meetings to keep us organised, so you probably wont see much of what I do directly, but feel free to contact me at the address below if you have any issues or ideas, and aren't sure who is the most relevant person to talk to.


Michael McDonnell - Careers Officer

Hi, I'm Michael and I am one of two careers officers for the year. I am going into my final year and so can assure you that careers are on my mind. I will be helping out both with the careers module run by the university as well as planning some other events such as visits and talks. Any careers you want to hear about or visits you want to go on give me a shout and we can try to make it happen.


Sam Eriksen - Careers Officer

I'm Sam, a final year student and the other careers officer. I'll be working with Michael to bring career events to you to help you get the most out of your degree. We will be working on organising site visits, and talks for both intern and graduate level. If you've got any particular company or institute in mind that you'd like feel free to email to get the ball rolling on it.


Marcus Toy - Social Secretary

Hi I'm Marcus, as one of your new social secretaries I'll be helping to plan the socials for physoc. These include non alcoholic and alcoholic, and will be bi weekly if possible. I hope to get to know you guys well and if you have any ideas for socials, feel free to drop me or Katie an email.


Katie Moser - Social Secretary

Heyy, I'm Katie and together Marcus and I are your social secretaries! Basically I'm the brains of the operation and he's just there to look pretty. Our plan is to (hopefully) have biweekly socials, both drinking and non drinking, so that everyone can be included in the fun! If you have any suggestions feel free to drop either of us a message and we'll see what we can do! Looking forward to seeing you all at socials!


Imogen Bird - Outreach Officer



Pete Shaw - PhD Representative

Hi all, my name is as written above, and I'm the PhD rep for Physoc. This is an important role ensuring that the PhD students in Physoc have their views represented and communicated properly. I'm also in charge of ensuring that PhD students can find out about all the Physoc events and that we are all united effectively in our shared interest.


Ria Pandit - Sports Officer

Hi! I'm Ria and I'm a Physics with Astronomy student and this year's Physoc Sports Rep. I'm in charge of Physoc sports teams and events - we currently have football, basketball, badminton and netball teams running. We are always looking for enthusiastic people for our inter-society match teams, so if you're interested in getting involved or starting a new team, drop me an email!


Jesse Dykes - Webmaster

I'm Jesse, a second year Physics with Photonics Student, and I'm the Webmaster. This means I maintain and update the society's web presence, like this website and the Facebook page and groups. Other than that, I'm looking to get started on a couple long term projects. If you have questions, I have answers.


Jack Lidgley - Publicity Officer

I'm Jack, and my glorious role entails ensuring the maximum number of people possible know about events we run and how to take part. This will largely be done through posters and messages in the plethora of various Facebook groups and pages Physoc has management of but we are looking at new ways to contact the student body and give you just the right amount of Physoc in your life.


Dan Collins - Mentoring Officer

Physoc Mentoring is a great scheme that provides first year physics students with personal tuition from higher years. My job this year will be to recruit mentors and pair them up with anyone in need of academic support. If you're interested in becoming a mentor or if you think you'd benefit from tuition, contact me at:


Alessandro Genuardi - Freshers Rep

I'm a salad. Take some Italian hand-made traditional pasta, then mix it with a passionate Cuban sauce and Habanero (sprinkled with Canary salt extracted from volcanoes). Now put everything into a huge ambitious Anglophone bowl. Finally launch everything at 11.2km/s into open space. That's me, or at least a visual representation of my background, otherwise too long and repetitive to explain Anyway, I'm also known as Alessandro Daniele Genuardi Oquendo (even my name doesn't fit an ID) and I obviously crave that ancient Greek word for Nature, for everything, Physics, with a curiousness and a passion for the unknown, with a special regard for its technological applications. Anyway, I'm freshers rep so my duty is to bring to our socials our amazing members and make sure they have the most fun in SUPERNOVAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEach of our events!