We are the University of Southampton Physics Society!

Physoc Big Bang 2014
It's free for every physics student at the University of Southampton, and you're automatically a member.

So, what do we do? We are a departmental society and our role is to help provide opportunities, socials and welfare support to all members, but specifically our physics students.

Our committee members know what they're doing, and their job is to make your time with Physoc the best it can possibly be.

So what do you have to do? Well, get involved! What you don't have to do is pay.

Win for Physoc!

Latest News

For all the latest news and updates on Physoc, check our Facebook page. All the links are on the right.

New Freshers 2019/2020

This year's Physoc Committee wishes a warm welcome to all new Southampton Uni freshers! We look forward to seeing you all in just a few short weeks!

Please do join the Facebook groups off to the right and find the new Physoc Freshers page here.