Apurba Biswas
4th year: Quantum Physics, Electromagnetism, Maths, Computing
16th in line for the throne of Denmark.

Martin Dimitrov
2nd year: Mathematical Methods, Vector Calculus, PDEs, Quantum Physics of Matter, Quantum Mechanics
The only thing numbers truly fear.

Toby Walker
3rd year: Quantum, Electromagnetism, Medical Physics
Immune to perturbation theory

Jacob Gunn
2nd year: Astro, Thermodynamics
Has nightmares about the heat death of the universe. As should we all.

Tayyba Akhter
3rd year: Differential equations, Electromagnetism, Quantum, Vector Calculus
Saw a shooting star once. Wish didn't come true.

Richard Williamson
2nd Year: Mechanics, Quantum, Vector Calculus, PDEs
Has no respect for the troposphere.

Adam Limb
3rd year: Mechanics, Waves, Quantum, QPM
Afraid of spiders, but only if smaller than a penny or larger than a twenty pound note.

Brandon Mulliner
2nd year: Mechanics, Thermodynamics
Saw a shooting star twice. It was not the same star, and he was not the same man.

Grace Hooper
2nd year: Photonics, core modules
The most laseriest mentor.

James Landless
3rdyear: Quantum
Makes his mum proud every day.

Colm Sam
2nd year: Maths modules, Quantum mechanics, Electromagnetism, thermodynamics, wave physics
Once defused a fight between a hamster and a guinea pig with the power of friendship.

Thomas Radford
2nd year: Photonics, Quantum, labs and all 1st year maths modules.
Can bench like a billion photons.

Nic Dinsdale
PhD: Photonics, Coding
Ask him about his >100% approval rating

Molly Atkinson
3rd year: Coding, Core Maths
Doesn't believe in ghosts, miracles, or electromagnetism.

Joe Ford
4th year: Quantum, Photonics
Has never been seen in the same room as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Jack Lidgley
4th year: Astro, Coding
Dreams of marrying space since he loves it so much.

Imogen Bird
3rd year: All maths, core modules
Thoughts are tinged with colour on account of all the hair dye. Maths is purple.

Lidia Gomes Da Silva
3rd year: Realtivity, Comsmology, all maths, core modules
Looks after baby birds in her spare time.