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Physoc FC (Southampton) 2 - 1 Physoc United (Birmingham)

Billy Ford 22'

Josh Oliver 34'

Birmingham player 45'

I'm just gonna come out and say it as clearly as possible. Today, Physoc FC of Southampton proved that they are the best Physics football team in the country. Winning the Inter-Cities Physics Cup against a traveling Birmingham side is the greatest achievement of the faculty in the past decade. Possibly even the last century.

At 2pm today, Wide Lane was full to burst. Hats off to the travelling Birmingham team, who managed to bring their ultras in an assortment of strange fancy dress. The home end was bursting too, and the cold, wet weather was boiled away by the explosive atmosphere. Physoc lined up in their tried and tested 4-5-1 formation, with goal scorer Billy Ford up top. It was a cautious formation, giving full respect to the ability of the Birmingham team, who were initial favourites to dominate the game.

The Physoc game plan, however, continued to pay off. A strong back four meant that any through balls were immediately fired away, with CDM's working hard to maintain pressure on the opposition. Stellar work from Robert Fisher, Kallum Marlow, Joe Cook and Michal Wypch meant that the threat of Birmingham was initially blocked. This allowed Physoc to do the unbelievable.

A tactical substitution from the genius mind of skipper Josh "Bielsa" Wilkinson changed our attacking capability. Ben Beddoes, who managed to hold up the ball almost the entire time he was on the pitch, fired a ball across goal to be emphatically finished by Billy Ford. Bill and Ben the flowerpot men getting us an early goal? This wasn't on the agenda! Soon after, a change on the wings meant another goal from a substitute. Josh Oliver fired home to send us 2-0 up very early. The game was now ours to lose.

Birmingham played fantastic ground football throughout, and Nick Skouros was forced into incredible reaction saves on many occasions. We conceded just at the end of the 1st half, and knew we were in for a very tough 45 minutes. Despite being under serious pressure, Physoc survived, and even had a few chances of their own! The last few minutes ticked over and Physoc won. We are Inter-City champions, 2019. We are Physoc.

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