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Physoc FC 12 - 1 ECS 2's
Robert Jeeves 1'
Frank 14'
Billy Ford 4'
Billy Ford 6'
Billy Ford 24' (Pen)
Billy Ford 41'
Josh Oliver 55'
Callum Lancaster 61'
Chris Harvey-Hawes 67'
Ben Beddoes 77'
Joe Jessener 80'
Ben Beddoes 85'
Josh Wilkinson 88'

Sometimes in football a team wins with an over flattering result that doesn't properly represent the game that was played. This however, is not one of those times. The only evidence that ECS 2's even turned up to wide lane today is a sinful injury to ECS turncoat Manny Dinnsa. Physoc FC put out such a dominant performance that a play by play of all of our chances would be several pages long. In fact, it was a bit of a pain to get hold of details of everyone who scored and in what order so thanks to timekeeper Molly Atkinson for getting it all down.

This was a result to demonstrate a new era of Physoc in football. While many often joke at our ability, we are now able to show our class with these sorts of victories. Other than the goal they scored, which in fairness was a fantastic bit of individual skill, ECS barely had a look in. They were unable to deal with the wide balls put out to our wingers and Billy up top, leading to Billy's flurry of goals. We also showed ability in build-up play, with goals coming in from nice bits of passing play. As a cherry on top, a couple of players even got their first goals for Physoc (EVENTUALLY).

Now we look to next week, when hopefully we will face more even opposition, but still come out on top. Physoc are on a winning streak, and we don't plan to end it any time soon.

Man of the match: Robert Jeeves

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