Physoc teams from both Southampton and Birmingham

Match Reports

Physoc FC 12 - 1 ECS 2's
Robert Jeeves 1'
Frank 14'
Billy Ford 4'
Billy Ford 6'
Billy Ford 24' (Pen)
Billy Ford 41'
Josh Oliver 55'
Callum Lancaster 61'
Chris Harvey-Hawes 67'
Ben Beddoes 77'
Joe Jessener 80'
Ben Beddoes 85'
Josh Wilkinson 88'

Sometimes in football a team wins with an over flattering result that doesn't properly represent the game that was played. This however, is not one of those times. The only evidence that ECS 2's even turned up to wide lane today is a sinful injury to ECS turncoat Manny Dinnsa. Physoc FC put out such a dominant performance that a play by play of all of our chances would be several pages long. In fact, it was a bit of a pain to get hold of details of everyone who scored and in what order so thanks to timekeeper Molly Atkinson for getting it all down.

This was a result to demonstrate a new era of Physoc in football. While many often joke at our ability, we are now able to show our class with these sorts of victories. Other than the goal they scored, which in fairness was a fantastic bit of individual skill, ECS barely had a look in. They were unable to deal with the wide balls put out to our wingers and Billy up top, leading to Billy's flurry of goals. We also showed ability in build-up play, with goals coming in from nice bits of passing play. As a cherry on top, a couple of players even got their first goals for Physoc (EVENTUALLY).

Now we look to next week, when hopefully we will face more even opposition, but still come out on top. Physoc are on a winning streak, and we don't plan to end it any time soon.

Man of the match: Robert Jeeves

Physoc FC 2 - 4 Liberty Point
Chris Harvey-Hawes 4' Various (49',70',80',85')
Billy Ford 9'

The end of an era. Physoc FC were finally beaten today, with their first defeat since Easter. It has left a bitter taste in the teams mouth, but on reflection it was once again a very strong performance. We should still keep our heads up high.

We scored a very early goal; Chris utilising an almost comical pace advantage to punish a defensive error and slot it home. Billy did the same soon after, stealing the ball from a defender with a very strong challenge and teaching everyone the valuable lesson of playing to the whistle.

Physoc continued a strong presence in midfield up until the end of the first half, and then it began to crumble. We were repeatably on the back foot from long throws, and lost too many aerial battles. We conceded 4 goals in a very short space of time.

Defeat aside, this is a valuable lesson on what we need to work on. If we finish in the top half of the table in the first semester, we will get a chance to play Liberty Point again. We will have learned from our mistakes. Until then, it's back to the common to prepare for our next fixture.

Man of the match: Harry Barnard

Physoc unbeaten run: March 14th - October 28th 2018

Physoc FC 4 - 1 River Plato B
Joe Cook 5'
Kallum Marlow 10'
Kallum Marlow 15'
Kallum Marlow (sinbin for backing himself) 73'
Chris Harvey-Hawes 81'

We really gave the Philosophy society football team something to think about today. An attacking masterclass put us 3-0 up in the first 20 minutes. Joe Cook scooped another long range effort to get our first, before some pacey play by Chris set up Kallum to slot home the second. The third goal came not long after, with Kallum heading home a lovely set piece from Joe Cook.

Newcomer Matt 3 gave a promising defensive performance, while Matt 1 and 2 kept their CM pairing's solid reputation. Up top we had selfless passing football from Joe Jessener creating endless chances for Norman, Callum and Chris, with the latter eventually tapping it round the keeper for our fourth. to be fair to the Philosophy team defence, if I saw Norman Khan thundering towards me, I'd probably forget about defending altogether.

The efforts of our goalkeeper are also worth mentioning. Called up from our reserves with less than a days notice, Jonathon Banks put in a solid performance. Nobody likes the nerve-wracking experience of fielding an unknown keeper, but Jono quelled all doubts and consistently pulled off tidy saves.

This game sets Physoc up for a fantastic season. Our defence is solid, our attacking football is more creative than ever, and we're still not afraid to chase it and battle to get the ball back. Manny Dinssas massive.

14th Oct Physoc FC 2 - 2 Liberty Point
Joe Cook 24' Unknown 36'
Billy Ford 83' Unknown 72' (Pen)

Man of the Match: Nick Skouros

First game of season. Physoc FC, unbeaten since Easter, took on the Div 3 Dominators Liberty Point. With a unusually large attendance of fans, atmosphere was tense.

The game got underway with Physoc holding their shape well, playing some lovely forward attacking football. Kallum Marlow and Michal Wypch made sure we were keeping control of the game in the middle, something all of our center midfielders worked hard to do all game. Then, 20 minutes into the game, Joe Cook unleashed a stunning 23 yard volley. It was an absolute peach, causing uproar on and off the pitch. We continued high pressure football, with Billy Ford and Callum Lancaster being a constant threat up top.

While Physoc maintained a high standard of passing football, they struggled to settle to the physical side of the game. Either we went in too weak and were battled off the ball, or gave away free kicks with silly tackles. Eventually we were punished for this, with a penalty being awarded to Liberty Point. Nick Skouros, the big man in the sticks, stepped up to try and save it. And he did! With a penalty some have described being "almost as bad as Wilko's first pen", being drilled low but blocked by Nick. The keeper had a fantastic game today, on top of the penalty save, and made life hard for the Liberty Point attackers. Eventually he was beaten though, with a scramble in the box putting the ball past him.

Coming out for the second half at 1-1, Physoc began to lose their nerve and were berated under constant pressure of set pieces after conceding silly fouls. They were eventually once again punished for this, conceding a second penalty. No mistake this time, it was converted and Physoc were behind, 2-1. The game then became a bit jumbled. Physoc hadn't dropped their heads at all, but were under serious pressure and looked close to conceding more, with Liberty Point hitting the bar, and being denied several times by Nick in goal.

In the 83rd minute something magical happened. A 30 yard beauty. Billy Ford, a man of culture, going for such perfect placement that we aren't sure if the keeper even tried to save it. It glanced the inside post and trickled over the line. 2-2.

A few years ago this would have been a game we looked to hold on to the draw for, but this goal revitalised the team. Josh Oliver continued late pressure on the wing, and notable defensive work from Luke Burrough, the two Matts, and Leo Galanakis, kept us steady at the back. Despite late efforts, we ended the game 2-2. Still unbeaten since easter, and looking forward to our next game.

The Physoc Invincibles. With a squad of 12, no allocated referee, and a career ending injury, every player in our team today had to put in an incredible amount of effort. An incredibly tidy and confident defensive performance was initially overcome by a lucky rebound of the post. We were one nill down within 20 minutes. Despite this heads didn't drop. Chris and Callum up top chased everything, and were EVENTUALLY (Oh Callum) able to reap the rewards of their efforts with a late 2nd half goal from Chris. Calm and collected football in the middle, with constant balls behind the back of the defence from Kallum, Joe and Ben threatened the Mayflower goal, but we went in level at half time. For the first time in Physoc history we were fully in control of the game. Any opposing balls over the top we stopped and send wide to Joe or Josh Oliver, and anything close to being over hit was collected by Nick without any trouble.

Midway through the second half a lose ball fell to Chris, who flicked it to Josh Oliver. I can't describe the finish. It was at least 35 yards out. It was top bins. Anything else said wouldn't do it justice.

After a few minutes of comfort, disaster struck when Josh Oliver was injured, and couldn't continue. As he hobbled off to a standing ovation from Molly Atkinson, Physoc set themselves up to seal out the win. The defence got even tighter than it had been, with Jake Le Huquet making clearances like he was Gary Neville retiring to a non-league side. Every single player on the pitch played their heart out for the final 20 minutes. The closest Mayflower even came to goal was a messy pinball after a corner, quickly claimed by Nick. Further wide balls to Billy, who ran the full length of the pitch to win a throw bought us time, and after free kick specialist Josh walked from fullback to take a freekick on the edge of the box, Mayflower lost their heart. We had won.

We fully deserved this victory. Everyone on the pitch today should be proud.

Josh Wilkinson - Team Captain