Academic Welfare

Course Reps

Course reps are student representatives elected each year by their peers to solve problems pertaining to the course. Their duties range from the small business of talking to lecturers about how things are going, to sitting on the Student-Staff Liaison Committee to work with faculty staff to solve problems and enact greater changes. You can find more information about them on the Susu website.

They exist to improve the course based on your feedback, so if you have suggestions for how things could be made better, or questions on why things are the way they are, your course reps should be able to help you out.


The Calendar page at is a very informationally dense repository of regulations and dates, far beyond what the name might suggest. Within, the stout of heart can find the precise rules for how University of Southampton graduates should be dressed for the ceremony, amongst other things. The more casual reader should be able to find information on exams and term dates, which are slightly more relevant to undergraduates.


All the information you could ever want on progression throughout university is contained within the calendar, but here's a short explanation in plain English:

In order to pass the year, you need an average mark of 40 across your modules. You also need a mark of 40 in your core modules, and 25 in your optionals. If you don't achieve these marks, you can resit a couple of exams. Your resit mark will be used to determine whether you can progress to the next year, but for the purposes of calculating your degree classification, the mark will be capped at 40. But here's where it gets interesting1. If you have evidence that something was affecting your performance (other than the condition of 'being a student' and all the sleep-deprivation and alcohol that is traditionally associated with it), so called 'Extenuating Circumstances' on which more information can be found via Enabling Services, you can apply for Special Considerations, which is where the special considerations board examine your evidence and decide whether the exam board ought to cut you some slack.

If you don't pass the year, and the resits don't help, you'll have to either retake the year or seize your chance and leave university to start a new life in Pembrokeshire. As an additional note, since it's a bit tricky to retake the lab modules over the summer, failing a lab module will mean you have to retake the year.

Outside the normal system, it is also possible to appeal academic decisions if you've been truly wronged, the procedure for which can be found in the calendar.

If you usually receive any special arrangements for exams, like extra time, rest breaks, a smaller room etc, or you think you may be eligible for special arrangements due to dyslexia or another long standing health issue, contact Enabling Services.

1Your experience may vary